يكشنبه 28 مهر 1398 06:55:46

10 اسفند 1396 8:48:0
Visiting the organizations deputy from the Eghlid-e Yazd railway project

Seyyed Omid Mousavi, Deputy Director of Planning and Budget Coordination of the Provincial Management and Planning Organization, visited the Eghlid-e Yazdj Railway Project.

According to the Public Relations Department of Management and Planning Organization of the province, on the sidelines of this visit, Seyyed Omid Mousavi said: The Yasouj connection project started at 1303015010 with a code of 1303015010 with a length of 170 kilometers from the national credits, and the implementation of the design of the specialized mothers company, the construction and development of transport infrastructure The country is the country where the first part is in operation. At present, the reopening, submarine construction and bridges 20 kilometers from the route have been carried out, and 2 kilometers more explosive holes have been dug out of the path for reopening.
The track width of the project is 6 meters and has been designed for 120 km / h train speed.

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