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18 فروردين 1397 13:27:31
Aid echoed by the head of the organization on the occasion of the New Year

Head of the Management and Planning Organization of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad province congratulated the new year's arrival.
According to the Public Relations of the Organization, the text of the congratulatory message of the head of the organization is as follows:

In the name of Allah

The spring is the season, and happiness is the chapter of faith and magnificence of God's manifestation; it is once again a new sign of the divine verses in the world, and the earth is sitting in recite for the verses of the head of green and life.
Ancient Nawrooz is the oldest and best-known gita celebration of the past and present generations, consolidated with Islamic teachings, and has always brought back the beautiful and beautiful beauty of the tribes and cultures of this border.
It is hoped that in the year that was named by the leader of the Islamic Revolution's Supreme Council, "Hakim and Farzaneh", the great family of the management and planning organization, with the help of its abilities, to achieve The grand goals of the system are to go along with the development, advancement and service of the community.
By convincing the Creator of the universe, I congratulate the glorious springtime, which is the revelation of the divine blessings on the foundation of nature, and from the threshold of the Prophetic Life, an achievement for a service full of vitality and full of divine reverence for growth and prosperity. Iran, I'm asking.

Hasan Nowroozi
Head of Provincial Management and Planning Organization

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