Description of the organization's tasks

Coordination and guidance of the provincial planning system within the framework of the country's planning system.

· Study, preparation and compilation of long-term, mid-term and short-term economic, social and cultural development programs of the province.

· Preparation and compilation of territorial planning plan of the province in the framework of national planning regulations of the country in accordance with the capacities and geographical facilities of the province.

· Investigation, preparation and compilation of programs and policies for employment and investment in the province

· Develop and equip provincial resources with emphasis on eliminating dependence on oil and gas revenues.

· Providing, arranging, distributing, communicating, exchanging agreements and allocating provincial credits in the framework of rules, guidelines and guidelines for the years of the budget.

· Monitoring and evaluation of provincial plans and budgets.

· Supervision over construction and technical projects (the ownership of capital assets

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