يكشنبه 28 مهر 1398 07:49:27

13 اسفند 1396 8:39:0
The announcement of the inflation rate in February 2009 by the provincial statistics assistant
The provincial statistics and information officer announced the inflation rate in February 2011 at 8%.

According to Ali Shahabi Nasab, deputy head of the province's management and planning data and statistics, according to the latest results of the survey on the index of prices of goods and services for urban and rural households in February 1396, the inflation rate of all goods and services consumed by the households in the province was 8% , Urban areas of 5.8%, rural areas of 2.7%, that the province is ranked the tenth in terms of the lowest total inflation rate among the provinces of the country. It is necessary to explain that the inflation rate of the whole country, urban areas and rural areas is more tangible 3.8%, 8.2% and 1.9% respectively.

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